The Farm

La casita at the farmThe greenhouseThe Farm in JulyThe Farm in JulyOnions for the Farmers Market and for the SpiceFlowers for the dining room

::::: The Farm

Chadwick Farms is the name of Karen Suennen’s (chef and owner of Spice of Life) backyard garden which supplies the Spice of Life Café with flowers and fresh vegetables during our short but intense growing season.

Named after the family dog the garden, or gardens, I should say, are a part of our yard and are integrated into our home life to such an extent that they become the back ground of our daily lives.

As you can see, it really doesn’t take much space to produce a tremendous amount of food–much more then my household could possibly ever consume. I love the fact that we can grow and use vegetables in a way that brings satisfying results and takes care of our land. We are very lucky to live in a place where we have enough soil, water and sunshine to afford such abundance. So this is our gift to you.

We hope you enjoy the flowers on the tables and the veggies on your plate!