::::: Brad Bauer —Chef

Brad Bauer is the lunch chef at Spice of Life. He and Karen worked together about 14 years ago, when The Spice was Stavers’ Tavern, and then the 2nd Street Grill. Both establishments owned by David Stavers, who way back when was married to Pearl Cash, of Pearl Café and Bakery in Missoula.

Brad makes all the yummy soups and most of the Red Plate Specials at the Spice, each and every day. With the help of Cody, Ray, or D.J. doing the morning prep, Brad is the person you see, working at lightning speed, running the show during lunch.

He is without a doubt the substantial cornerstone, holding up The Spice, between 11:00 and 2:00, when chaos seems to have surrounded the Café.

It is no small wonder that after work, our Brad finds a bit of relief at the tap, and later with his guitar, only to find later that recurring dream, realized while stirring the contents of the stock pot.

Thanks Brad–we love you!