And our philosophy about it…

We at the Spice believe that wine should be an integral part of your meal. It should be approachable, affordable and not scary.

We have tried to find the best wines we can that meet the following criteria:

Do we like the taste of it?–if we don’t, regardless of what wine experts say we will not sell it. This is why some of our wines do cost a bit more. (we do not like the taste of cheap Pinot Noir)

Is the wine reasonably priced? We look hard to find the best tasting wines with good value. Often they come from another country or region that is known for making wine to be consumed as part of their culture. We want wine to be a part of our culture as well, and this means keeping prices within reach for a casual dining experience.

Is the wine list user friendly–We sure hope so, if you have any questions please ask! We will be happy to pour you a sample if need be to help you find the wine that pleases you the most.

Now, forget about strict rules, and stuffy protocol. Just have fun trying wine!


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